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In order to ensure a successful participation experience

All Students attending the conference are expected to participate in the Youth Academy

on Sunday April 14, 2024 from 2-9:00 pm.

(Lunch and check-in begins at Noon)


Once again this year, we will have a strong Student program that includes a Sunday afternoon Student Academy which will help them prepare for a successful time at the Summit.  Students will engage in activities to develop their public speaking and networking skills, work in small groups to identify what messages they would like to convey to the adults at the conference about how the system could be changed to better meet their needs, develop personalized talking points for sharing at the conference (at the youth’s discretion), and will receive support in planning their conference session including choosing breakout sessions where they can both gather and share important information. 

Monday night the students will join together in a Student Only dinner and activity.  This is a great unwind time for them where they get to meet and hang out with others at the event in a fun, low-key environment. 

Students are also required to have an adult supporter that is attending the conference.  The adult supporter will be required to attend an orientation meeting on Sunday April 14th at 4:00 pm.  They are also responsible for making sure their student(s) are attending the conference sessions.  Lastly, the adult supporters are required to attend the Monday night dinner and activity with their students. 


Registration Fees for the Student Program include:

· Sunday afternoon Student Academy (includes lunch and dinner)

· Monday student networking breakfast

· Monday night Student ONLY dinner and activity

· Along with the conference program and meals (Monday lunch, Tuesday breakfast and lunch)

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