Dee Hankins

Master of Ceremonies

We are pleased to announce that Dee Hankins will our Master of Ceremonies at the Conference.  He will be able to provide inspirational words to attendees as well as facilitate youth discussions throughout the event.


Sharing his incredibly inspiring life story is just one of the ways Dee Hankins gets others to focus on their resilience. Dee has also taken his talent for    entertainment, his passion for change,  and belief that anyone can make a difference in this world and created EnterChangement. These projects help build character, make an impact in the community, and give students a chance to activate their resilience. Dee Hankins speaks to thousands of      students and educators each year, teaching them to focus on their resilience and to never give up. As a nationally acclaimed inspirational youth speaker, Dee has made a major impact with clients such as CADA, NASC, Jostens, The Department of Children and Family Services, and many more!

Dr. Isaiah Pickens

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Isaiah Pickens is a licensed clinical psychologist and writer who believes the best version of each of us lies in our pursuit of healthiness, not happiness. Using science and entertainment, Dr. Isaiah helps people build lives full of meaning and promote their healthiest selves. The difference between pursuing health versus happiness is understanding that there is beauty and potential growth in both the triumphs and failures of life. Regardless of the situation, the important question always is “How can I get better?” Dr. Isaiah shares innovative tools to help you become a better and healthier version of yourself.